The Seinfeld Game

seinfeld game screenshot seinfeld game screenshot 2

The Seinfeld game is a game I built that generates a quote from the show and the user has to guess which character says the quote. The user wins the game by getting 5 correct guesses.

Stack used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.


The purpose of this project was mainly to practice my JavaScript knowledge and skills as well as practice making API calls and manipulating the data I received by turning it into a game with JavaScript.

Challenges & Solutions

The main challenge I faced with this project was getting my functions of enabling and disabling the character buttons to work. The issue I was having was when the user selects a character button as their answer, my intentions were that it would disable all other character buttons that way no other character can be selected. There would also be either a red background around the selected button if the guess was incorrect, or a green background around the selected button if the guess was correct. I was having a very hard time trying to get this functionality to work even after a few days of research. To solve this, I asked other developers for help in some developer communities I'm apart of and I was able to get some help and figure out what was going wrong in my code. I was also able to get some help with minor challenges I faced in regards to certain functions I had in my code.

Lessons & Takeaways

I enjoyed building this project because I learned a lot in terms of how to use APIs and manipulate the data using JavaScript. This project really challenged me and tested my JavaScript abilities and I had to remember to have an attitude of perseverance and resilience.

I remember being frustrated at times because I couldn't figure out how to make certain things work the way I wanted as outlined in the challenges section but with the help of other developers who answered my questions and looked at my code, I was able to persevere and build this game to completion.

The best feedback I received from other developers that helped me realize where I was going wrong in my code was that I was trying to fit everything in one big function instead of having small functions that each did their own thing and helped the big picture.

Lastly, I enjoyed this project because Seinfeld is one of my favourite tv shows so I was excited to build this and had a lot of fun along the way.